The new Superyacht Swede 68 will be a new landmark in yachting history, revitalizing the market with classic beauty and top performance. Håkan Södergren the famous Swedish yacht-designer has over 40 years of experience in designing boats. Classic Swedish Yachts are built with the same advanced building methods used for the exclusive J-Craft runaboats. Underneath the surface you would find a very stiff and light hull of vacuum injected sandwich. And what meets the eye is nothing but a woodwork masterpiece. See pictures below.

Fore deck Swede 41:

CSYachts_pop up lantern_web_700


Fore deck Swede 41

CSYachts_Swede 41_stern_sailingboat_web_700



Side angle Swede 41



Side angle Swede 41

CSYachts_Swede 41_Harken_web_700


Drawing from Swede 68