Håkan Södergren Yacht Design was started in 1972, Stockholm, Sweden. The company was soon one of Scandinavia\’s leading Yacht Design Companies. In cooperation with some of the most well known boat building companies in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, thousands of the HSYD’s designs can be found in Scandinavia, Europe as well as the rest of the world.

Håkan Södergren

Håkan Södergren, a well-known designer of high performance cruisers as well as a row of family powerboats for the Scandinavian market. A series of successful racing boats in the past four decades lead to many victories for the Yacht Design company. The success has been both for the production lines and for a series of One-Off racers and Cruisers. Håkan Södergren’s designs are known as state of the art in the combination of beauty and performance. The unique combination of performance and style has been the success of HS’s design throughout the years. Håkan Södergren´s name stands for high quality designs. HS is equipped with highest level of design software to meet the demands of technical support to the builders.

For the new yacht Swede 68 from Classic Swedish Yachts, Håkan Södergren gave the Swede 68 a modern slim medium displacement hull with circular bottom underwater cross sections. The L-keel with its deep lead-distribution and the modern rudder are combining righting moment with hydrodynamic lift.
HS gave Swede 68 a respectable sail plan that gives the boat both performance and beauty. The 54 ft (16.20 m) design waterline offers a hull speed of about 15 knots. Södergren has given the Swede 68 very clean diagonal lines that give both speed and beauty.
Classic Swedish Yachts is very happy and appreciates to have Håkan Södergren on bord for this exciting project.

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Responsible for the renderings is his son: Oscar Södergren and partner Alex Åsemyr www.oaxsdesign.com