Classic Swedish Yachts now introduces the Crown Jewel of its fleet, the Swede 68, designed by Scandinavia’s leading yacht designer, Oscar and Håkan Södergren. You will recognise her classic lines but the designer has added his own touch and vast experience of yacht design to meet with our ambitions. This low displacement beauty carries 206 m2 sail in main and working jib which ensures high performance also in light air. The Swede 68 is a true passage maker.

The beautiful classic lines combined with the mahogany and teak deck, deckhouses and cockpit of highest standard of Scandinavian craftsmanship will place her in the top prestige segment of luxury sailing yachts.

You will find the same quality and high finish inside. The accommodation allows options for owners – There is an option for Two large Staterooms with en suites, a crew cabin, a large saloon, navigatorium and galley. The two Staterooms are designed with double beds and shower room en suite. An extra crew cabin is situated to starboard close to the main companionway. The Fore Cabin has plenty of stowage, hangers and lockers. A settee and a folding writing table add to the comfort.

The main cabin is arranged with a U-shaped sofa to port with a dinner table for six to eight persons. Another sofa is placed on the starboard side and aft of that the navigation table. Opposite the nav. table a well equipped galley is situated and aft of the galley the second shower room. The aft cabin is arranged with a double bed and two separate settees. The inner arrangement can of course be adjusted to the new owners special wishes, e.g. to arrange for more beds.

The 7/8 rig has carbon mast and boom. The hydraulic mast jack enables you to easily regulate the tension of the rig also when sailing. The three spreaders are swept 23° to avoid the necessity of using the running backstays under normal conditions. All halyards and trim lines are extended to the cockpit for safe and easy handling. All winches are electrically powered veriable speed self tailing from Andersson. The furling jib is hydraulically or electrically operated. Stowage for all halyards, trim lines and sheets at the winches – no birds nest of lines on the cockpit floor.

Aft of the anchor stowage there is a big locker for the extra sails. Just open the hatches and the sails are ready to be set. The deck is free and there is no need of dragging around big sail bags. The sails are stowed where they should be and no where else.

The sails are developed in cooperation with North Sails. For cruising we recommend a Code-0 and a Gennaker besides main and working jib. For racing the choice of lee-sails depends on what rules are prescribed for the races in question.

Below aft deck we have planned for the rescue raft, an inflatable tender, air pressure device and extra stowage. A swimming/rescue ladder is placed at the stern.

For the new yacht Swede 68 from Classic Swedish Yachts, Oscar and Håkan Södergren gave the Swede 68 a modern slim medium displacement hull with circular bottom underwater cross sections. The L-keel with its deep lead-distribution and the modern rudder are combining righting moment with hydrodynamic lift. The naval architect gave the Swede 68 a respectable sail plan that gives the boat both performance and beauty. The 54 ft (16.20 m) design waterline offers an impressive hull speed. Södergren has given the Swede 68 very clean diagonal lines that give both speed and beauty.

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LOA 20.62 m 67.65 ft
LWL 16.20 m 53.15 ft
Bmax 4.40 m 14.45 ft
Dmax 2.75 m 9.02 ft
DSPL 18.30 tons 40.352 lbs
Ballast Lead 7.10 tons 15655 lbs
Prim. Coeff. 0.572 0.572
RM at one deg. 450 450

Sail Areas

Main Sail 128.00 sqm 1377.00 sqft
Jib 78.00 sqm 839.00 sqft
Reacher 126.00 sqm 1356.00 sqft
Spinnaker 230.00 sqm 2475.00 sqft

General Information

With a light weight and stiff hull and large sail areas Swede 68 will tickle all your senses.

Detailed information

Beautiful and fast

Classic Swedish Yachts are designed to be beautiful to look at and to sail well. You do not need to order the crew on the rail to speed up the yacht. The Swede 68 offer maximum performance with a small crew - even single-handed for an experienced sailor.
Sail handling is simple with only four sails for excellent performance. The beauty of the sleek lines and the all ma¬hogany/teak deck, coach-roof and cockpit gives a very high head-turning quotient, and the high quality of the work¬manship leaves you and your crew happy enjoying life.

A sleek yacht

Classic Swedish Yachts are sleek vessels with long water lines. For a given displacement, a long slender hull per¬mits higher cruising speed and offers more comfortable movements at sea. But above all, it delivers a vast amount of enjoyable handling performance and sailing pleasure. To any eye the combination of aesthetic and practicality is beautiful.
A long and sleek hull is safer than a beamy one because it retains effective steerage at higher degrees of heeling. On a sleek yacht the rudder keeps its grip in the water also at strong inclination, whereas a beamy yacht with only one rudder tends to lift the rudder out of the water at strong inclination, creating conditions ripe for a broach. This is a question of safety that is seldom discussed.

Hull construction

In order to attain the highest possible quality of the basic construction of the yacht the hull, bulkheads and deck is a vacuum injected sandwich construction. This is to avoid any air inclusions and to attain highest possible glass content and cheer resistance. Only high quality uni-directional and bi-axial glass, oriented in the direction of the calculated stress, is used. The core is a 25 – 30 mm expanded PVC with densities of 75 – 200. Vinylester is used as resin. The hull is fur¬ther stiffened by longitudinal stringers that are laminated to the transversals and bulkheads to form one integrated unit.
As a result, this light construction is very stiff and strong which is part of the core virtues that enhance the sailing capabilities of our Swede line of yachts and their ability to withstand structural stress.

Integrated construction

The main bulkhead, the mast step, the reinforcements of the keel, the longitudinal stringers and the chain-plates are laminated to form one integrated construction, yielding a hull with exceptional stiffness and durability. The hull gets an optimum load resistance and stiffness while retaining a low weight structure.
When the standing rigging is tightened or when the yacht is exposed to heavy seas the form of the hull and deck show a remarkable stiffness, which is positive for the sailing capabil¬ities and minimizes the risk for damages.

Safety bulkheads

The bulkheads forward of the Owners Cabin and aft of the generators room are water proof bulkheads that separate the interior from the Sail locker in the front and the large storage below the after deck, where also the rudder post is installed. This is a matter of safety as the whole front part of the yacht can be crushed and/or the aft storage and the yacht will still safely float.


The bulb-keel is cast of lead with 2 % antimony and is bolted to the keel-zoon by acid proof stainless steel bolts. A bulb keel lowers the centre of gravity and keeps the draft moder¬ate. The bulb-keel thus extends accessible sailing areas and allows the Swede 68 to carry a greater sail area compared to a traditional keel layout.

Diesel engine and generator

Fresh water-cooled Volvo Penta D2-55 S-drive 130 S marine diesel engine of 55 hp with sail-drive (SD). Other marine die¬sel engines with SD can be mounted. 300 litre (US gallon 80) stainless steel fuel tank. Folding propeller. Cruising speed under power 7-8 knots. The lower part of the engine room is separated from the rest of the yacht. No fluids can enter the inner part of the yacht from the engine room. The engine can be inspected and served from the inside of the yacht or via a large hatch in the cockpit floor. Excellent sound insulation of heat resist¬ant fireproof materials.
There is also a separate room for a generator aft of the engine room. This room is also suitable for other installations creating sound and vibrations.


Sailing this high performance yacht is simple and comfort¬able. The Swede 68 is designed to provide optimum sailing experience without needing a complex array of sails and a big crew. The sail area is calculated to maximize perfor¬mance with main and jib only, a large genoa is not required.
To optimize performance we suggest four sails: a full-bat¬tened main; a 110% working (or self-tacking) jib; a gennaker (asymmetrical spinnaker) and a Code-0 type of sail for light air sailing. We recommend light, high quality sails from North Sails or from UK Halsey Sail makers.
The main and the furling jib are always ready to be set without delay and the gennaker is ready in its sleeve in the sail-locker under the fore deck hatch – and so is the furling Code-0.

Carbon fibre mast

Fractional rig with tapered carbon fibre mast and boom. Three pairs of 25° backswept spreaders. Solid hydraulic boom vang. Rod Rigging is specified instead of wire to support the mast for maximum stiffness. A carbon mast is light, stiff and strong, and a lot lighter than a conventional aluminium mast. Hydraulic mast jack is standard.
A lighter mast makes the yacht stiffer and faster and reduces pitching at sea. The swept spreaders make running back¬stays unnecessary at cruising in normal weather conditions. Runners are provided for use when deemed necessary. When not in use the absence of running backstays makes sailing comfortable.

Furling jib

A hydraulic or electrical jib furling equipment is strongly recommended. The furling is operated from the cockpit, which makes sailing comfortable. The deck is kept clean from extra lines on deck. This arrangement is elegant and makes it safe, easy and con¬venient to set and furl the jib from the cockpit. A self-tacking jib can be arranged.

Setting sails

Setting sails is a simple operation. The main and jib are always laced and ready. The gennaker in its sleeve or the furling Code 0 or light air genoa are ready to be set directly from the sail-locker under the foredeck hatch. There are no heavy sails to drag on deck. There are no headsails to be folded, carried and stowed. Folding the full-battened main is simpler with stack-pack and lazy-jacks. This simplicity encourages you go out sailing more often. We have eliminated the obstacles to short fun trips. You have more time to take delight in the experience of sailing a Classic Swedish Yacht.

Balanced rudder

The rudder is balanced with self-adjusting bearings. The balanced rudder is one of the core virtues that contribute to the eminent sailing capabilities of the Swede 68. The self-ad­justing bearings keep resistance low even at high loads on the rudder and the sensitivity of the helm stays high. Wear caused by uneven load is eliminated. The working life of the installation is increased.

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Safety bulkheads

The bulkheads forward of the Owners Cabin and aft of the generators room are water proof bulkheads that separate the interior from the Sail locker in the front and the large storage below the after deck, where also the rudder post is installed. This is a matter of safety as the whole front part of the yacht can be crushed and/or the aft storage and the yacht will still safely float.

Vacuum-bagged wooden deck

The sandwich deck is covered with laths of teak with covering boards, foot-list and features of mahogany. Instead of fastening the laths with screws the laths are glued to the sandwich deck under vacuum pressure. An even vacuum pressure during the epoxy curing eliminates any air inclusions and creates a waterproof and durable deck. A deck lovely to look at and secure under foot.
There are five Lewmar flush hatches on deck and two double hatches on fore-deck, covering the anchor locker and the sail-locker, and one double hatch on the aft-deck covering the large storage for life-raft, tender, fenders and other equipment.


All external mahogany is treated with about 20-25 layers of epoxy and varnish. The value of the yacht is preserved with an unmatched conserved beauty.


In harmony with the classic style the deckhouse is covered with mahogany and teak.
Three skylights and transparent sliding hatch at the main companionway. 12 windows with specially designed stain¬less steel frames and double glass.


The safe, deep, and very elegant cockpit is of traditional de¬sign with all visible surfaces of teak or mahogany. The cock¬pit offers comfortable and safe working area and seating for the crew. Even in tough sea the cockpit remains surprisingly dry. Deep and roomy, the cockpit has the winches at good working level and all halyards, reefing lines, and trim lines are within comfortable reach. Folding table in the cockpit for 6-8 persons.
Soft backrests coated with off-white leather increases the nice classic look and quality and the feeling of comfort.

Boxes for halyards

Storage for halyards, reefing lines and trim lines is arranged for in the front part of the cockpit and also for the sheets close to the winches. By this arrangement the cockpit sole can always be kept free from all these lines that are so frequently lying around wait¬ing to trip the crew.


Andersen self-tailing stainless steel winches are elegant, known to be easy to work and require low maintenance. The six winches of different required sizes around the cockpit are all prepared to be electrically powered.

Blocks and organizers

All blocks and line organisers are from Harken or other man¬ufacturer of equivalent quality. These blocks offer low drag and high quality. The lines run easily and require less work, which makes sailing more fun. The ratchet cheek blocks for the gennaker sheets make handling safe and easy. Rope clutches and organisers wherever required.

All handling of sails from cockpit

All halyards, reefing and trim-lines are extended to the cock¬pit. The main and jib can quickly be reefed by one person. No crew must leave the cockpit.
The sails are set, reefed, trimmed and furled from the cock¬pit - safe, easy and efficient.
Only certain action, e.g. folding the main (kept under con­trol by the lazy-jacks) or part of the work when setting the gennaker has to be made with crew on fore deck.

Sail locker

There is a locker for the extra sails under the foredeck. Just open the hatch, attach the halyard and the sheets and the gennaker (or spinnaker) in its sleeve or the furling Code-0 or a light air genoa are ready to be set directly from the locker. The deck is kept free from extra sails and there are no need dragging around with big sail-bags.

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The interior of the first Swede 68 is arranged for fine-six persons sleeping in two cabins with double beds and shower rooms en suite and a small crew cabin with Pullman beds; an elegant main cabin, a navigation table and a big U-shaped galley. The varnished mahogany joinery is of highest Scan¬dinavian standard, all of solid wood or good veneer over sandwich or marine plywood. Durable and elegant fabrics in colour and structure of buyer’s choice from the best quality manufacturers. High quality lasts longer and increases the wellbeing and the enduring value of the yacht.
Two double cabins or one double and one single can replace the aft cabin. In fact, there is no problem to rearrange the fore cabin and the interior aft of the naviga¬tion table and the galley according to the wishes of the new owner as long as the structure of the yacht is not at risk.

Owners Cabin

In the forward part of the yacht in front of the main bulkhead the Owners Cabin with show¬er en suite is situated. A double bed or two beds at your choice, shelves, hanging lockers and chest of drawers. A settee to starboard. A small collapsible table in front of the settee can be installed if desirable.

Front bathroom

The owner’s bathroom with access only from Owners cabin welcomes you with the warm colour of varnished mahogany and indirect lighting. Corian dressing table, washbasin and electrical toilet. The three cabinets have inside light and mirrors. Separate shower cabin with sliding door. Stainless steel waste tank.

Main cabin

Roomy main cabin with nicely shaped U-sofa to port and a berth settee to starboard, also serving as full sized berths, if needed. Shelves and cabinets along the sides of the cabin. Elegant folding table for six to seven persons. Possibilities to install pop-up TV screen and similar arrangements. Nicely formed sofas with highest quality of fabrics and workman¬ship.


The U-formed spacious galley is shaped for good working conditions also at sea. It has gimballed stainless steel gas cooker with oven, micro oven (option), double fridge and deep freeze (option) boxes, double sink, Corian counter top, drawers and storage for vegetables, groceries, table wares, cutlery etc. Water-cooled energy saving refrigerating unit. Pressure water system for the galley and the shower rooms.

Navigation table

To starboard opposite the galley there is a navigation table, stowage for sea charts, instrument panel and electrical mas¬ter panel. All installations are made for easy service access. Aft of the navigators area there is a crew cabin.

Crew cabin

Small cabin with full length Pullman bed. Lockers under the bed. The crew cabin is of course placed close to the main companionway.

Aft cabin

This cabin with bathroom en suite is arranged with a double bed in the centre and a small sofa on each side. Hanging lockers, shelves and storages. The main entrance to this cabin is on the starboard side but the cabin has direct access to the bathroom on the port side. A TV-screen is prepared for.

Guest bathroom

The elegant guest bathroom has access from the aft cabin and from the centre part of the yacht. This room has three mahogany cabinets with inside light and mirrors, Corian top, indirect lighting and an electrical toilet. The separate shower cabin has a sliding door. Stainless steel waste tank.

Electrical system

The electrical system is built of high quality materials for ma¬rine use and designed as a traditional system with automatic fuses. The system has 230 V for sockets, 24 V for lighting and 12 V for particular electronic instruments. Cables are clearly identifiable with proper code number or colour.
All switchboards are made with great care and located in easy accessible areas. There is a 230 V 16 Ah connection to shore supply, located in the lazaretto and an isolation trans¬former of proper capacity.
DC24 converter and 8 x 75 Ah Leoch AGM batteries for the 24 V system. MassCombi 24/2000-120, 2kW inverter with 60-amp charger. Mastershunt 500.MasterView Easy Control Panel.
As an option a Whisper Power M-Super Compact 3,5 diesel generator can be installed with all accessories necessary for proper connection to the basic system. Fuel supply from a separate fuel tank of 50 litre (13 US gallon) capacity.
Ceiling lights are flush mounted, all with dimming pos¬sibilities. There are automatic switches installed in every wardrobe. Red lights are installed in way of obstacles and passages. Reading lamps in the cabins and adequate lighting in the galley, at the navigation table and in the bathrooms, sail locker and lazarette. Where possible low tension and reduced power lights are installed.

Sail locker

A self-bailing roomy locker for sails, fenders, etc. is ar¬ranged for below a lockable hatch on the fore deck. Here the gennaker, ready to be set in its sleeve, is located and so is the Code-0 or other light air sail you may have chosen. The strong sandwich bulkhead aft of the sail locker is extra reinforced and watertight. The yacht floats even if the bow is crushed – a matter of safety.

After-deck storage

Under the after-deck there is a large self-bailing locker. Here is the place for the propane bottle(s) and this storage is useful for life raft, inflatable tender, extra anchor, fenders, buckets etc. The extra reinforced sandwich bulkhead in front of this locker is watertight – a matter of safety if something happens to the rudderpost for example.
The two lockers, the sail locker in the front and below after-deck should be large enough to take care of these extra things that belong to comfortable cruising.


Please note that we build only to order. Every single yacht is built especially for each separate client. Therefore we are open to discuss adjustments to the above specifications or any extra equipment to suit the wishes of the client.
Please also note that these specifications will from time to time be changed as a result of our continuing development work.

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