The classic Swedish Skerry Cruisers, also known as Square Meter Yachts, are well known for their fast, sleek and elegant lines, beauty and eminent sailing capabilities. These Classic Beauties are still in great demand on the second hand market.

After the war the previous type of sailing boats, used for cruising and racing, were – at least in Scandinavia – sleek designs like the Skerry Cruisers, R-yachts, Dragons and Haj-boats. These boats could however not offer the increasing demand for comfort. The racing rules, such as RORC and IOR, often created successful rule cheaters. Unfortunately these were often converted for family cruising – sometimes with good result but often these boats were relatively slow and unpractical with their large overlapping jibs and small main sails. Sinultaneously the new method of building boats in GRP made mass production possible to lower prices.

Modern boats are typically – to overstate a little – either spacious family cruisers or outright racers for “the boys”. Today´s trend is straight bows, deep keels and beamy, high hulls, offering a maximum of volume for the money – the perfect summerhouse.

But where is the beauty and the feeling?

Michael Wolff aka Skipper Mike: “Classic Swedish Yachts is my passion and a dream come true.”

Passion for Classic Design
with a racing heart pedigree

Olof Hildebrand, founder of Classic Swedish Yachts AB, had for many years the vision of combining the latest state of art technology with the beautiful and sleek lines of the classic Skerry Cruisers. The story of Classic Swedish Yachts started 1973 when Olof gathered a team of highly competent Swedish sailors and discussed what qualities should be built into a modern family cruiser.

This team arrived to the following priorities: beauty, very good sailing capabilities, simplicity in handling and safety. That study resulted in the design of Swede 55. Knud H. Reimers gave the yacht its lovely sleek lines in cooperation with professor Sven Olof Ridder, well-known aero- and hydro dynamical expert. Professor Karl Axel Olsson, expert in light constructions, has been an important advisors during the further development of our yachts.

The goal was not to create a racing yacht but the Swede 55 Temptress won the Transpac Race from San Francisco to Hawaii, over 2,000 nautical miles, and the Swede 55 Counterpoint won the Bermuda Race, in both cases in stormy weather and very tough sea conditions. Hence the seagoing qualities of these modern sleek yachts are well documented.

Now Michael Wolff, owner of a Swede 75 since 20 years, has stepped in as new owner of Classic Swedish Yachts AB. The creation of the Swede 68 is the first step to grow and to enter the prestige market.

Again, our ambition is to create sailing yachts, easy to sail and with the best comfort possible without scarifying anything of safety and sailing capabilities, sensation of speed and the joy to sail a true thoroughbred.

The thrill of sailing is to master the elements. If you can do this with a Classic Beauty, faster and easier than the other yachts around you, well, that thrill cannot be described.