Classic Swedish Yachts designs beautiful and technically advanced sailing yachts with classic touch that deliver a deeper feeling of sailing and sense of speed than any other yacht in the prestige segment. We summarize our quest into the slogan “The thrill is on”. These sailing yachts shall leave no man on earth un-thrilled, weather they are standing on land watching or behind the helm sailing.

To deliver a thrill our first priorities are as follows

  • Beauty – exquisite classic lines with scandinavian elegance
  • Feeling – the sensation of sailing a thoroughbred
  • Exclusivity – every yacht is a customized special edition
  • Quality – structure, wood work and finish not second to any yacht in the prestige segment
  • Innovation – technically advanced design and production methods
  • Epic – a yacht far away from prevailing trends, thus stable in value

The unique recipe of classic lines and modern design, composite materials and rig technology means that the Classic Swedesh Yachts sail faster than modern family cruisers of equivalent displacement. Their speed and quick response offer you as owner a feeling of sailing that only pure racing yachts can match.

You get classic, beautiful, sleek lines and shining mahogany to please your eyes and the deep satisfaction of owning a Beauty built to the highest quality of  craftsmanship  available.

All together, the combination of sailing excellence, beauty and quality creates one of the most exclusive yacht brands in the world.

An experience of beauty beyond boundaries and performance that leave other cruising yachts trailing.