An impressive construction

A light and stiff construction is essential for the sailing capability.  The vacuum injected sandwich construction of all Classic Swedish Yachts is essential to assure that no air inclusions are left in the construction and for a high sheer resistance. Only uni – and bi-axial glass (except surface mat) of highest quality is used, oriented in the directions of the calculated stress factors. The strength of the hull is optimized where the stress is the highest. The keel area is designed to withstand very hard groundings, a necessity when sailing in Scandinavian waters.


The transversals, longitudinal stringers, main bulkhead, the chain-plates and the keel area are laminated to one integrated unit. The hull and deck does not change its form when the rig is set or when sailing in rough sea conditions. Thus the sailing capabilities are improved. Add to this the light carbon masts and that all weight where ever possible is concentrated to the centre of movement of the yachts you will recognize why the sailing capabilities are just superb both at sea and in sheltered waters.

Also inside the yachts we strive for being second to no other yacht builder regarding wooden craftsmanship and finish. The same quality level is kept for all other installations in our yachts.





The mahogany on deck, deckhouses and cockpit is treated with 15 to 25 layers of epoxy and varnish to protect the wooden surface and to give that extra deep shiny gloss that is expected from an exclusive yacht. No gel-coat is visible anywhere.


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