Classic Swedish Yachts AB and Rosättra Boatyard, Rosättra Båtvarv AB, has entered into a long-term partnership for the production of Swede 68, Swede 57, Swede 41 and for new designs to come within the Swede line of yachts.

Rosättra Boatyard is situated at the border of the Baltic Sea in the northern part of Stockholm’s archipelago, about one hour by car northeast of Stockholm and 45 minutes east of Arlanda Airport.

Rosättra was founded 1886 and has since then specialized in building high quality mahogany yachts, to start with for the high society in the Stockholm area. Rosättra is Sweden’s oldest boatyard for pleasure yachts, is financially stable and it has never been hit by the numerous crises that have struck almost all boatyards of the Scandinavian pleasure boat industry.

Up to the 1970s Rosättra concentrated on building high quality mahogany yachts, both motorboats and sailing yachts, and over 250 high quality yachts were built during this period. As from 1973 Rosättra has built over 800 sailing yachts of their own design, the Linjett-line of yachts. These yachts, designed by Mats Gustafsson, are known for their high and even quality. Rosättra has never been forced to advertise their yachts – their order-books have always been full anyhow.

Rosättra only builds to order and therefore every yacht is customized to meet with the desires of each individual customer. As a consequence the whole crew is trained to form the wooden details by hand to the satisfaction of each individual customer.

Now the fifth generation of boat builders are in charge, so, boatbuilding and sailing is in the genes of the Gustafsson family. Today Daniel, Markus and Kristoffer Gustafsson are in charge, supervised by their father Mats.

Long lasting and friendly relations with the customers have, combined with their high quality yachts, built Rosättra’s reputation. It is here, the absolute feeling of quality and the close relation to the customer, where Classic Swedish Yachts and Rosättra found one another. To be entrusted to build a sailing yacht is for the Gustafsson family a matter of honour that has to be treated with great respect. Add to this the vast experience acquired at all the races where the members of the family have taken part not to forget Janne Gustafssons involvement in the successful Swedish Sailing Team in the Olympics.

Rosättra has played an important role for the development of boatbuilding in Sweden. This heritage is a perfect ground for building the Swede line of yachts. Classic Swedish Yachts is pleased to have found a financially stable partner with a pedigree heritage to produce the exclusive line of the Swede line of yachts.