Sailing a Classic Swedish Yachts will delight all dedicated sailors. The combination of speed and safety you feel when sailing a Classic Swedish Yacht has to be experienced to be appreciated. Stunning performance upwind, and even better reaching, the stability off the wind makes them a joy to sail. The astonishing performance will be the envy of many race boat skippers. CSY yachts combine all this with a hull form of exquisite beauty.

When compared with many modern yachts of similar displacement, Classic Swedish Yachts are faster, simpler to sail with minimal crew, and exemplify the style, grace and beauty of a bygone age of yachting which is missing in so many modern designs. The speed, maneuverability and ease of handling is more akin to racing yacht performance, but with none of the vices. These qualities, when combined with stunning, legendary, Scandinavian build quality have produced a range of yachts which are unique in today’s market.

Our design philosophy differs markedly from the majority of modern sailing yachts. We believe that as the popularity of the sport has grown, so the level of experience of it’s participants has fallen, and the demand has grown for “marine caravans” with a brief such as four cabins, all with en suite heads, plus large saloon and perhaps deck saloon. These are all fair requirements for some sailors. However, the result of this demand for internal volume can produce, in our opinion, an unattractive boat with compromised sailing performance, which is demonstrated in many modern designs. Another major downside of this trend is that yachts become outdated very quickly as soon as the next new idea comes along, which results in lower resale values than would be expected from a Classic Yacht, where prices seem just to go up and up.

Imagine then, turning this design philosophy on its head — Design brief:

Safety, perfomance and always in control

Deep well protected cockpit

Fast, seaworthy yacht, easily sailed by two crew

Finest joinery and state of the art systems

A hull form reminiscent of the famous Scandinavian Metre designs of yesteryear

Carbon mast and boom, North sails, and the latest technology

Result – the Classic Beauties Swede 68’, 57 and 41!

Passion – Racing or cruising

A Classic Swedish Yacht is all about Passion


The feeling of speed while sailing a Classic Swedish Yacht has to be experienced to be appreciated. Our Yachts sail faster than modern family cruisers of equivalent displacement. Their speed and quick response offer their owners a sailing experience that only pure racing yachts can match. You get classic, beautiful, sleek lines to please your eye, and the deep satisfaction of owning the highest quality craftmanship of wood and finish.  Luxury with a thrilling sail.

Over the years, most owners of Classic Swedish Yachts have enjoyed them to the full. They have been succesfully raced in some of the world’s most difficult ocean races and won. They have won, setting new records, in Transpac race and Bermuda race, in both cases under very harsh wind and see conditions. They have raced on lakes and inland waterways. They have cruised extensively and comfortable as family yachts, and the result has been that not many owners have sold their yachts on. They become family members and thus are a testament to their beauty and quality.

Now there are opportunities to buy a Classic Swedish Yacht to suit most people – the Swede 41 no 3 has just been launched, the new Swede 57 is on the drawing board, and the new Swede 68 is ready to go for a new owner.that


The company has set out to position itself in the absolute top of the prestige section of the yacht market. This is being achieved by designing and building yachts that offer the maximum sailing pleasure, have classic, beautiful lines, and are built using the best Scandinavian quality and craftsmanship.

The quality and beauty belies the fact that these yachts are built using the latest technology available to ensure safety, reliability and strength.

We feel sure that the Classic Swedish Yacht will retain their value for many years, as has been proved by sale prices achieved on the rare occasion that they come onto the open market for sale.

To reach our goal we feel it is important that our yachts are designed for high performance and offer the owners an extraordinary sense of speed, manoeuvrability, and safety.

Above all, these yachts are beautiful and their lucky owners can view them with pride.

“The thrill of sailing is to master the elements. If you can do this with a yacht that is faster and easier to sail than other yachts around you, with stunningly beautiful lines, then the passion and joy of ownership is only equalled by the thrill of actually sailing it. …”