Founder and partner of CSY

Olof Hildebrand, founder and majority owner of Classic Swedish Yachts, is also sales representative for Sweden and Finland.

Olof Hildebrand is a trained lawyer and has been working as a corporate counsel and in the top management of Swedish industries. He is also a retired officer of the Swedish Cavalry.

Olof started his sailing career in the 1930s at the age of 7, crewing on his familys 30 sqm Scerry Cruiser and has since then sailed many types of yachts, mostly Scerry Cruisers of different sizes and R-yachts. 1973 he started to look for a good cruising yacht for his growing family but found nothing suitably on the market. He therefore gathered a team of experienced racing and cruising sailors to discuss what virtues a good family cruising yacht should have. After many meetings and thorough discussions the team arriveded to the conclusion that a good cruising yacht should be easy to handle single-handed, including reefing without leaving a deep and protected cockpit, offer good sailing capabilities being a good passage maker, offer lots of sailing pleasure and look beautiful. The result was Swede55 and about 40 yachts of this type are still sailing around the world.

Olof is since over 70 years a member of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club and was also active as a board member, responsibil for cruising. He led many cruises around the Baltic see, Finland, Denmark and Norway and later also to Russia. The last 5 years of his sailingcareer he sailed his Swede41 mostly singlehanded around the Baltic and to Norway.

Olof is still active with the development of new yachts in the Swede family, Swede41, Swede57 and Swede68.