Passion for classic lines

A Classic Swedish Yacht will tickle all your sailing senses. The feeling of speed while sailing a Classic Swedish Yacht has to be experienced to be appreciated. Our Yachts sail faster than modern family cruisers of equivalent displacement. Their speed and quick response offer their owners a sailing experience that only pure racing yachts can match. You get classic, beautiful, sleek lines to please your eye, and the deep satisfaction of owning the highest quality craftmanship of wood and finish, Luxery with a thrill.

Main objectives

Our ambition is to position ourselves in the absolute top of the prestige segment of the market for exclusive sailing yachts. This will be achieved by designing and building yachts that offer the maximum of sailing pleasure, classic beautiful lines and the best of Scandinavian quality and craftsmanship. We are convinced that our Classic Swedish Yachts will keep their beauty and value also for the century to come.

To reach our goal we feel it is important that our yachts are designed for high performance and offer the owners an extra deep sense of speed, manoeuvrability and safety. Our ambition is to be second to none in this prestige market segment.

Environmental policy

At the production of the hull, deck, bulkheads and other sandwich constructions, where vinylester, epoxy or other products that may produce dangerous gases are used, our vacuum injection method ensures that no hazardous emissions affect humans or the environment at the hardening process.

When we purchase wood or materials that may have an adverse effect on the environment we verify that such materials originates from sources known for protecting the environment.


 The thrill is on