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Our Code of Honour

True masters honour both the craft and the arena. We don’t just design Spirit of Tradition sailing yachts of the finest Scandinavian quality. We build them for an environment made to last.

A Heritage of Foresight

Three decades after the triumphant debut of the Swede 55, Olof Hildebrand’s visionary foresight transformed Classic Swedish Yachts in 2005, heralding electric engines as the new standard. This bold evolution positioned us as the pioneering yacht producer embracing electric propulsion.

Today, Jonas Freeman—present captain at the helm of Classic Swedish Yachts—champions Olof’s legacy. Jonas earned his stripes as former owner of the electric engine manufacturer that revolutionized our fleet. His company originated the groundbreaking patent for battery charging via propeller reversal—a now indispensable component of electric/hybrid propulsion.

The Green Voyage Ahead

When fossil fuels run dry, sailing vessels keep the course. Sailing is truly one of the great green tech innovations. With that said, the continuation of our lineage comes with great responsibility, one we proudly carry. We must transcend mere yacht manufacturing and ensure the longevity of your investment.

Perpetual Refinement

Your Classic Swedish Yacht is the result of a relentless pursuit of excellence in production, performance, safety, sustainability, and esthetics.  New proved and viable materials such as nature-derived fibers in composites, recyclable resin/epoxy, and PET plastics are already used where they act as superior improvements to old and less sustainable materials. 

Elite Ocean Stewardship

Though our sailing yachts are reserved for a selected few, our wider brand serves the ocean.

Classic Swedish Yachts actively invests in "Life Below Water" (United Nations, Sustainable Development Goal #14). We currently foster carbon capture and endorse seaweed farming for carbon sequestration and we are in mature stages of development for green marina initiatives in Indonesia: the world’s most pristine archipelago.

Join us as an Elite Ocean Steward. Enter your email below and become part of a crew of experts consisting of renowned scientists and sustainability advocates. Through conferences, masterminds, and seminars we further future-proof developments in ocean preservation and beyond.

A Return On Your Motorized Yacht

Green Innovation is to be rewarded. Trade your motor yacht for a Classic Swedish Yacht and receive between €2,000 - €10,000 for choosing wind power's elegance over petroleum.

An Ode to Timeless Design

In an era of fleeting trends and insubstantial quality, Classic Swedish Yachts defies convention through exquisite craftsmanship. Our ambition stands tall over the horizon: to craft vessels that appreciate in value like masterpieces. Timelessly enchanting generations to come.

"Nature is beautiful,
don't ruin it with an ugly boat."

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